Coaches, consultants, therapists, authors, speakers, non profit professionals, teachers...

Candidly, anyone who loves helping others and does this professionally!

If you’re reading this, it means you’re an entrepreneurially minded professional…who loves helping people…and is looking to create dramatically more income for yourself in a short period of time.

If you are wondering whether the 8to8 signature coaching programme will be a good fit for you, then take a few minutes to watch this intro from Julie and Jacob Rupp, the Founders of the Rupp Group.

Interested in coaching or becoming a coach?

You’re already skilled in one or more areas, you’re coachable, and you are looking for the most effective way to monetize your skills.

I know that many Entrepreneurs have the right “pieces”, they just need clarity, or the understanding, or simply someone who has done what they want to do, a hundred times.

The truth is… we love helping people who help others but have been operating in a business framework that hasn’t yet produced the revenue you are looking for.

Entrepreneurship isn’t about secrets. And making your first four to five figures shouldn’t take you years. It should take months…two months to be exact.

It should only take 8 weeks to generate $8,000 per month in your coaching company.

Once you can do that, you have the keys to the castle to generate a business that can do 20, 30, or in some cases 50-100K/month.

But let's not get ahead of ourselves.

Our hope is that you discover and can create financial abundance for yourself, while still doing what you love, making the impact you want to make, and can get there in a fast and efficient manner.

Because we shouldn’t make people choose between enriching others and enriching themselves. It can be both–in fact it should be both.

And yes, you might not ever want to be “rich.” It’s not about the nice car, fancy home, or nice watch for many of you (and if it is, great!)

It's about:

  • Being able to support your family abundantly.

  • To fuel your vision.

  • To create an even wider impact.

  • To create freedom over your time and lifestyle.

  • To support your favorite institutions and charities.

We assume that you’re already ready to grow… and not by just 2x.

We assume that you have a lot of the right pieces… and are not faking that.

We assume that you are willing to be coached and to actually put in the work to achieve your goals.

And it assumes that I get the “feeling” that I’ve received almost every single time I’ve mentored someone who you’ve likely seen in my online testimonials.

In order to help people, we’ve created literally the most simple path, cut out all the fat, to help you get to your first $8,000 per month in coaching fees…

So you don’t spend time and money that you don’t have…

So you don’t get skills you probably don’t need…

So you don’t lack the fundamental ability, structure, and mindset to be paid handsomely for what you do.

Specifically the 8to8 program is for someone who is currently skilled at helping people, has experience and education, and is looking to create a business around these skill sets.

It’s for someone who is a therapist, non profit professional, teacher, author, coach, consultant, fundraiser, legal or real estate professional, business person…

It’s for someone who wants to make multiple six or seven figures per year.

It’s for someone who wants to have a strategy, framework, mentorship, clarity, focus and build from a grounded place instead of a chaotic one.

It’s for someone who is not just looking for more information, certifications, or tire kicking and is just ready to hit their financial goals quickly.

So, if that’s you…

Here’s what’s inside of 8to8…

A clear path of how to generate clients on demand and charge high ticket.

After being able to routinely create 50 one on one clients per month, month over month, we saw there are certain fundamentals that any and every coach needs in order to create predictable and profitable growth. Things like:

  • Fundamentals of coaching (versus other types of mentorship like teaching, therapy etc),

  • How to properly identify the right kinds of clients

  • How to figure out how to best help them

  • Where to find clients

  • How to structure your business

  • Proper marketing techniques that don’t feel sleazy or out of alignment

  • The deep mindset work to actually get out of your own way and be successful.

1-on-1 WhatsApp Mentorship Anytime

You’re going to get complete, untethered access to me via WhatsApp.

This is where you’re going to be able to get help from me directly during our time together ensuring that you’re always making the right choices at the right time in your business.

-This is literally having text access to me.

-Have a question? Send it over

-Need me to review something, same thing.

-Send me a couple voice messages.

This is being able to get help on the go.

No waiting for a call, or a group call.

This is worth the investment alone and is my most sought after benefit of my 1-on-1 mentorship which is why I decided to offer it inside of the 8 to 8 program.

2 hours, once a week, deeply immersive group coaching

You’re going to get access to a two hour, small group coaching call with both us where we go through your entire strategy, clearly and logically identify your next steps, create accountability, break through mindset blocks, create community, learn and watch effective coaching techniques…in short give you everything to literally sky rocket your business.

The calls provide 360 degree and three dimensional perspectives that create exponential success because you not only get help and guidance on your specific business but you watch and learn from others, at different stages in their business journey break through their mindset blocks and create their businesses at the same time.

In addition to creating your business for you, shaping your mindset, and creating a community of similar minded individuals building along side you (so you’re in business for yourself, not by yourself) we also are able to have our successful clients share their insights as to the ways to most effectively build your business to $8K/month.

The calls are currently held Wednesday from 10AM-12PM Pacific Time.

Exclusive 1-on-1 coaching with a dedicated mindset coach

You will get paired with a dedicated mindset coach who will work with you one on one for four sessions. Each one of our mindset coaches has been thoroughly vetted, and in many cases trains/coaches Julie or myself.

Over the course of our business, and in mentoring hundreds of people, the biggest challenges you face often are not strategic. They are problems that originate between your ears (i.e. in your mind) and need to be solved on a deep and transformative level.

Be it deep hypnotherapy, overcoming specific challenges including imposter syndrome, bad money mindset, and fear of success/failure, we have you covered.

8to8 Facebook group

You’re going to get access to the private 8to8 Facebook group, giving even more behind the scenes of building online businesses, along with access to other Entrepreneurs growing their business at a super high level.

You have ongoing access to us, ongoing training, and be able to network/collaborate with, and learn from our graduates and network of coaches who are succeeding at the highest level.

The major benefit?

Even AFTER the program you can still get our advisory and mentorship :).

Dedicated Copy Coaching

The most important part of being a coach is…finding clients!! And the most effective way to get clients is to have mastered your messaging!

No matter how you choose to ‘get out there,’ your ability to articulate what you do in a way that creates excitement and engagement with your ideal prospects is key.

You have a dedicated copy coach who will help you refine your messaging, help you with your calls, tweak your offers…and give you everything that allows your business to thrive.

Partner Network

You’re going to get access to my Partner Network, Referrals for anything you need in business and discounts, where I can provide them.

Generally, this is going to help you get the Ads person, or the consultant, or the lawyer, or the accountant that you need and that I use with my clients. This will save you tens of thousands in the long-run...


You’re going to get access to become a partner of my programs and offers, with the highest partnership % available.

Some people I’ve mentored have made thousands of dollars, telling others about their mentor and our leading edge programs… and it is as easy as sending a few emails, or arranging a live with your customers and leads. This is invaluable as only approved partners are able to promote and get the benefits of becoming a partner, versus a referral partner.

I hope you are excited as we are!

However, I believe it’s just right based on everything I’ve discovered about Entrepreneurs.

Bringing together the “right” fit of strategy… implementation… tactics… mindset and help in every pillar of the business.

As a summary, you get…

  • 8 hours plus of immersive, step by step modules to build your business, learn how to coach, and create clients on demand.

  • 8 two hour deep dive zoom calls building your business with you and for you, holding your hand, answering your questions, and creating a community of like minded people who are there to support you, teach you, and learn from you.

  • 4 sessions with your dedicated mindset coach to create an unstoppable mindset for growth of your company.

  • Dedicated copy coaching to help you refine your messaging that makes it easy for clients to say “yes!!”

  • 1 on 1 mentoring access to me via WhatsApp/text.

  • Access to our exclusive 8to8 Facebook Group, with ongoing and updated training, and lifetime access to and support for you even after you graduate.

  • Access to our resources, tools, and partner network so your business is literally done for you.

  • The ability to become a full partner and effectively create passive cash flow through our ever growing 8to8 program.

Want to see some success stories? 

Want to see some success stories?

Pay attention to the fact that these folks come from a variety of industries, backgrounds, and have different personalities…proving there is a lane and space for everyone. 

Aaron London talks about becoming a coach to find greatness, and he would know as he has a great impact on so many people as a professional coach.

Avi, a former MFT, who now does organizational coaching explains the value of getting started now, and why you don't need certification

Jackie, a therapist and non profit professional went from barely being able to charge $150/hr and wondering where she could find clients to closing over $12K in coaching fees in one day…and $28K in a week and a half!

Andrew worked in a variety of non profit positions and now has an abundant, multi six figure coaching practice serving start up founders.

Eric Adelman of Bigger Cup Consulting shares how to create 100 leads and close in 3 easy steps.

Yaakov, a successful speaker and rabbi who ran a non profit just graduated from the course and is making 15k plus per month

Nissan, a former rabbi turned dating and marriage coach for young professionals, explains how coaching helped him find confidence, the ability to serve deeply, and the ability to afford $800 shoes!

Yoni, a rabbi for many years, explains how he now has built a coaching business he loves that allows him freedom of time and a multi-six-figure income in under a year (his wife is also a successful coach)!

John Ballenger shares how he went from twenty years in the Marines and flying the President, to leading men as a coach and father.

David spent two decades as a therapist and is now a successful executive coach

Watch how Kimber, a former fashion designer and educator, and current stay at home mome built a lucrative coaching business making many thousands of dollars a month per client with zero social media/no website.

Liba, American Ninja Warrior and founder of Spirit Fit Life, a coaching program that focuses on mental and physical fitness for moms, explains the mindset shifts necessary to create a $60K per month business helping her ideal clients

Former accountant Kerstie shares the JOY of closing her first client as a coach. She has subsequently gone on to build a thriving practice with workshops and immersive in person events.

Meet Nicole Barkhordari, therapist and coach, who discusses the differences between therapy and coaching, and who might need which.

Ok…there are many others…but this should get you excited…

Ready? We’re excited to help you :)

Please book a call with our team.

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